I chanced upon Run Africa while in Addis and decided to take a look. Wow! Not much later I was up in the hills for my first day of training for the Great Ethiopian Run.

Firezar was so helpful and professional, knowing when to give me a break or to push just a little harder. Sometimes I was just about to give up and then he took a different route, with just a few steps downhill and oh – the relief! I don’t know how he calculates it, but it was welcome relief to invigorate and infuse more energy for the next steps uphill.

On the trails we met with other runners, professional and amateurs alike. I thought to myself, this is great… I get to run the same trails that Gebrselassie, Dibaba, Bekele and other great Ethiopian athletes have run! The feeling is awesome – I have enjoyed it immensely and it has changed me.