Price per person for 6 nights / 7 days: $650.00 USD.

For further information or special requests (such as group rates), please contact us. We accept registrations up to and including 25 January 2021.


Day 1 (Tuesday), ARRIVAL: The goal on day one is simply to settle in and to begin to get used to the altitude and new surroundings. Resting from the journey is the only ‘performance’ target of the day. Explore the streets and shops around your hotel.

Day 2 (Wednesday), INTRODUCTORY RUN: Guided by our Run Africa athlete trainers, the altitude and surroundings will present sufficient challenge for 20-30 mins of gentle jogging. We’ll take you to the back-trails where many top local athletes train, weaving through eucalyptus forests to large open grass areas high above the city. Altitudes here range from 2,600m to 3,000m.

Day 3 (Thursday), EXTENDED EASY RUN: Still acclimatising, this is a chance for a further run of up to 45 mins at a comfortable pace at the famous cross-country field. If you like, you have the opportunity to also visit the National Museum and discover Lucy (Dinqnesh), one of the oldest known hominid remains in the world, homo afarensis.

Day 4 (Friday) – REST DAY AND TRAVEL TO HAWASSA: Rest in preparation for the Half Marathon on Sunday. In the late morning, travel to Hawassa (5 hours’ drive), arriving late afternoon. Stroll in Hawassa city centre, visiting the fruit markets and sampling local delicacies such as fresh fruit juice and warm sweet potato.

Day 5 (Saturday) RUN AFRICA ATHLETICS CLUB SHORT SPRINTS AND STRETCHING (Hawasa lakeside): After a very gentle warm-up a few very short speed sprints to loosen muscles and open up the lungs, followed by some dynamic and static stretching drills. Spend the rest of the day relaxing and strolling in Hawasa town. Attend the Great Ethiopian Run press conference, watch the children’s races if interested and visit the G.E.R. pasta party.

Day 6 (Sunday) HAWASSA HALF MARATHON: Race day! Dawn muster, early morning start. Meet Run Africa group fellows and join thousands of others in the most fun day in Hawassa’s calendar. You’ll have your own T-shirt and race number. In the afternoon, rest, refuel and return to Addis Ababa.

Day 7 (Monday) RECOVERY RUN: Depending on your energy levels (and your flight time) today you can rest, stroll or take a very easy run (maximum 20 mins!) Your flight time may also allow for a final session of souvenir shopping and/or a city visit.