Our team


Rekik is Managing Director of Run Africa. She is an Acumen East Africa fellow, a Growth Africa Accelerate member and a keen fun runner. “The company is driven by a vision to avail Ethiopian athletes’ talent, expertise and discipline to all levels of running enthusiast. I am a great admirer of Haile Gebrselassie’s entrepreneurship and vision. He is an example to Ethiopians and to all sportspeople.”





Biruk, Run Africa’s Assistant Manager, is from Bekoji, widely publicised by the Town of Runners documentary. Originally a budding runner himself, he joined the film crew to narrate and promote the film on visits to Spain and Ireland. Biruk interprets regularly for the Dibaba sisters and legendary coach Sentayehu Eshetu in Oromo, Amharic and English. He is the point person for ‘all things athletics’ in Bekoji, organising visits, running events, tours and media coverage, while successfully juggling other duties from Run Africa’s Addis Ababa office. Biruk is a 2017 Growth Africa Accelerator fellow.




Negash is Head Coach of Run Africa AC, our competitive club comprising 55 elite athletes. He was 10,000m junior world-record holder for four years, World Junior Cross Country silver medallist in 1985, and Ethiopian National Team Coach in 2001-2008. Negash has coached many of the biggest names in distance running and, most recently, is credited with bringing out 10,000m world record holder and Olympic gold medallist Almaz Ayana. He leads Run Africa AC training sessions three times a week. See him in action in our 3-minute video.






Athlete Guides

‘It needs a few days to adjust to the altitude but it is a big help in the end. Also, we almost never run on asphalt. The forest and mountain terrains are challenging but they bring so many benefits.’
Favourite session: Steady 1.5-hour run.
Preferred training fuel: Beso barley drink with ground peanuts.



‘All visitors enjoy discovering our beautiful training sites and the pleasant climate, and the longer they stay the more they benefit.’
Favourite session: 10-20km road run.
Preferred training fuel: Avocado juice.






‘Every training session brings a feeling of joy.’
Favourite session: hill repetitions and track sprints.
Preferred training fuel: Spriss juice (mango-avocado-guava).





Shiferaw ‘I enjoy working with all levels of runner, showing them how we train and helping them improve arm movement and body stance.’
Favourite training session: 3-minute sprint repetitions.
Preferred training fuel: Pasta and rice.