Sunday 8 March 2020
, Addis Ababa


Since 2004 this annual women-only 5-kilometre run, as well as being great fun, has highlighted the changing economic and social roles of women in Ethiopia, while also celebrating International Women’s Day. More than 100,000 women and girls have taken part over the years.

The 2017 5k was Run Africa Athletics Club’s first ever race participation. Five girls from our club battled it out on the Addis Ababa asphalt; they all finished in under 18:30. This year our runners all finished in under 17:55! The winning time of 16:05 indicates there is still much improvement to be made, but the Club’s progress is still remarkable.

What about you? Whatever your own level, join us to prepare for this special race in the eucalyptus forests, trails and hills of Addis Ababa. Get in touch to find out more!