Working alongside our designated training programmes for overseas visitors and Ethiopia residents, Run Africa AC is our competitive athletics club. Registered with the Ethiopian and Addis Ababa Athletics Federations, the club comprises 45 members. Thrice-weekly training is led by Negash Habte, former Ethiopian National Team Coach, for competitions in the 5k, 10k, half-marathon and marathon distances. Since its establishment in 2016, the club’s success in races has grown steadily, with eight athletes finishing in top-12 positions in 2017.

un-africa-athletics-club-ethiopia-jan-meda-training ground

As well as being a competitive club, Run Africa AC is also  a platform for building skills and experience. With support from Partnership for Change (Norway) and others, we train our athletes in skills that diversify their long-term employment opportunities. These include sports coaching, massage, English language, hairdressing and driving. Run Africa promotes fairness, transparency, equal opportunities and cultural diversity in all our work, since the company’s overall mission is to advance Ethiopia’s development of a self-sustaining sports-tourism sector by thriving as an exemplary business.

So, ‘join the club’ and train with us! We don’t know anybody else who offers training with a fully fledged Ethiopian athletics club. All levels are catered for, and the sessions are structured so that you will not be left behind. See also our training section for visitors or for those based in Ethiopia.